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MY wife purchased new Halo lights bulbs for my BMW 750 Li for my birthday from She was told that the bulbs that she was purchasing were the "brightest" on the market and that no one would have anything this bright on any model BMW.

They lied! They are not even close to others I've seen and one is even barely noticeable - got pictures. They told me that they could send me a return receipt and test them and if THEY found something wrong with them then they would refund my money. I asked if they could send out another set since I was going to have to pay another $150 to have them removed, and at that time we could install the newer set and then I could see for myself if it was the original set of bulbs.

They laughed and said no way. Okay, I'm out $170 for the bulbs ($40 on eBay), $150 for the installation and another $150 for the removal and they said that they would wave the restocking fee if THEY find that something was wrong with them.

I told them that I would be disputing the charges with the credit card company and then they had a fit. They asked why and I hung up.

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Rochester, New York, United States #862973


i bought a C110 scanner which is supposed to be the elite BMW scanner good for every module in the car, ABS, EDC, AIRBAGS, and supposed to work on every series...

i tried it on a 2001 BMW 740, 2000 X5, 1999 e46 328, 2004 X5.... all it does is: read engine codes just like the one that you can borrow from any auto store at no charge.

the only difference is that I pad 175.00 plus 20.00 dollars for shipping. I called their customer service dept. and they told me to ship it back along with a 20.00 dollars check so they could compare it to another device to see if anything was wrong with it...

then either ship it back to me or supposedly replace it with another one, using my 20.00 dollars for the shipping.

I was very excited to get this device in the mail.... until I saw a nice silver sticker stating "MADE IN CHINA" ON THE BOX.

I knew right there that this would be another CHINESE PIECE OF ***!!! and it was.

Caldwell, Idaho, United States #803892

I would NEVER NEVER buy from them again, bought a front bumper that did not fit Since it was a "custom" order(although it was in stock) i had to pay return shipping and 20% restocking notice the word restock so i don't know how custom comes into play NEVER NEVER buy from this company


They sent me a product that doesnt fit my car as well as it should. I know this because one side worked, the other didn't...

clearly its not a problem on my end. I work with LEDS and I shouldn't have to pay so much money for a product for some a**hole to pick up the phone and say, its after market parts you have to modify the prongs on your vehicle to fit it when the other-side in fact did work. Also they sent me a defective IPOD wire that was not working with my LCI BMW. CHECK YOUR *** BIMMIAN.

who ever commented below must be from BIMMIAN. I called multiple times and spoke with BIMMIAN, they are extremely rude


The installer pulled the lights twice and seated them as instructed - not as bright as the ones I order from eBay at less than 1/2 the price. And unless you're Superman, there's no way you could have installed them in 15-minutes when you have to remove a portion of the fender wells (to remove a bolt from each side of the bumper) and then remove the additional bolts holding on the bumper so as to remove the bumper because you cannot remove the light from a 750 Li without removing the bumper, hence why I hired a professional!


These lights are the brightest on the market, I have them in my 760Li. They are incredibly bright!

I had installed them (wrong) at first, but Bimmian staff were very helpful in helping me install them correctly.

I dont know how you could possibly have required an installer to install these. They took me literally 15 minutes to install. They were so easy!

Not only is your "professional" installer ripping you off, but he obviously does not know what he is doing! :?

to This guy must have installed t Rochester, New York, United States #862974

it sounds to me like you don't know what are you talking about....bimmian staff has no engineers or techs on staff, they are just phone clerks who don't know cars or parts... and they don't even have an address just a P.O.

box... it sounds to me like you could be one of them ***

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